The World of 1973

In 1973 many things occurred, but the one that would change the world was the first superhuman known in history. No one knows why he appeared, but he was a vigilante who fought street crime and went by the name ‘Justice’. He had abilities that were above average for a human being: faster, stronger, more agile, and some would say smarter. He considered himself impartial and battled against gangs, criminals, and other trouble makers. However, he would just be the first.

The World of Heroes

While most people with powers seemed bound to abuse them, becoming criminals and villains, many would chose to fight for the average person. It wasn’t just a US phenomena. Heroes alone, or in small groups by region would often help police which more and more found themselves incapable of dealing with people with more and more staggering abilities, even if the ‘average’ superhuman had nothing more than glowing eyes or a tail.

Meanwhile certain groups including the government would regularly argue that all super powered individuals were acting outside the law. With the laws in most countries finding it hard to deal with needing help from third party agents. It was generally considered that without heroes many disastrous events would have befallen many nations, and so attempts were made to work with these groups for the greater good. Considerable effort was put into learning about the cause(s) of superhuman abilities to little effect, though with some disastrous results.

In the US legislation to allow police to deputize ‘heroes’ was stalled for over a decade and in the end would never be enacted. Mostly because for every hero there were dozens of ‘villians’. Even if these villians were barely more than a typical ‘normal’ human as a threat. It didn’t help that the appearance of superhumans in some countries led to brutal regimes led by superhuman warlords.

No More Heroes!!

This would all come to a head in the early 2000’s. The single largest battle between a Villian group and a hero group would happen as the ‘League of Justice’ (LoJ), formed to honor the first heroes legacy, fought the ‘World Liberation Front’ (WLF) a group of villains that had acquired a deadly virus they planned to use to hold the entire city of New York Hostage. The WLF wielded devastating powers and had no problem with killing people and while the LoJ tried to contain the members of the WLF without anyone dying this proved completely impossible. While the LoJ won, buildings were demolished and several hundred innocent people died.

It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. People had, had enough. Protests were held all over the world. Several Heroes would die in events of mob violence. Governments had lost their patience as well. They had long been working on military programs to eliminate these ‘threats’ posed by super powered individuals. In the US an Elite special unit called the ‘Superhuman Defense Force’ (or SDF) were sent to capture and detain Heroes. Villains already worked in the Shadows so they were not easy to find, but many heroes worked openly. The SDF raided known hero bases and homes taking them into custody. However, not everyone was willing to be arrested for things they themselves didn’t do and some would chose to fight back. The SDF responded with lethal force. Most heroes resisted without intentionally harming anyone, but accidents would happen and Heroes who wouldn’t come ‘quietly’ were ‘rogue’ and would be hunted.

The Media ate up Heroes turning into ‘Villains’ by refusing to be detained by the SDF. Bounties were put forth offering rewards to anyone who could lead to the arrest of a wanted ‘Hero’. Other nations quickly followed suit, many creating their own anti-superhuman units, though the UN would eventually adopt the US SDF as it’s primary response group. Anyone found to possess superhuman abilities became a wanted criminal just for existing. Neighbors turned in neighbors because they thought they might have ‘abilities’.

Welcome to No More Heroes!

This is the world you have entered. One where anyone with ‘abilities’ that are seen as beyond average is considered a threat. In which the line between Hero and Villain has blurred. Where the average person believes the line of the governments that only the ‘average’ person is good. Will you be one of the hunted or one of the hunters?

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